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Building a World Class Demand Generation Machine

A world-class demand generation machine allows you to uncover hidden demand, attribute revenue to spend, scale communication cross channel and optimize marketing effectiveness. It's every marketer's dream, but how do we get there? This webinar dives into the four pillars: a 360-degree customer view, dynamic personalization, campaign automation and revenue performance management.
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Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times

A study by the Harvard Business Review analyzed the success of nearly 4,700 firms before, during and after the three major recessions from 1980 through 2008. It found that firms that cut costs faster or deeper than rivals were least likely to be successful following a downturn. How does a marketing or technology leader best balance the present uncertainty with an eye toward the future? We propose a three-pronged strategy to enable your organization to survive and thrive.
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Building a Cloud Adoption Strategy for Success

Without technology, cloud adoption would be impossible. But the technology used should be one of the final considerations of your cloud adoption journey. 42% of cloud migration failures stem from a lack of planning, and 55% stem from a lack of clear business objectives. Let’s avoid that. This session will dive into how to create a strategy and a few key pieces to get started today.
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Data Literacy: How COVID-19 Has Revealed Our Need for Data Skills

The world’s data is growing exponentially, and it’s increasingly crucial for non-technical business users to be able to interpret data, ask questions of it, and make decisions from it. However, a lack of data literacy skills across the board can prevent business users from understanding the data in front of them. This webinar dives into what this looks like from a perspective we all recognize: the never-ending sea of COVID-19 data.
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