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Integrate your
Connect data
efficiently and
accurately throughout
your enterprise.

Why does your organization need integration?

What if your systems could all work together seamlessly? Your purchase system sends data to your customer relationship management system and your invoicing system; programs for each of your offerings tie together back to one central location; information is updated on an enterprise level. It seems obvious for business success, but it’s often not a reality.

Integration provides a unified platform for integrating and monitoring business transactions and business processes across on-premise, cloud and business-to-business applications.

Zirous has the integration solution you need.

Zirous employs a full-time integration and SOA staff, so you know the people you’re working with have a deep understanding of the products within the Oracle SOA Suite and the expertise to help you achieve your business goals. This includes all of the most common business scenarios for integration including:

  • Cloud implementations with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
  • Application to Application Integrations
  • Business to Business Integrations
  • Workflow and User Interactions
  • Real Time Event Processing and Monitoring
  • Unifying Processes for Data and Stateful Transactions
  • Stateless High Volume Secure Routing
  • Large Transaction Transformations
  • Business Users Setting Business Rules
  • Integration Governance

With experience with a wide variety of clients from government agencies to national utility companies, we are confident that Zirous can find and implement the best architecture solution for you.

Partnerships & Technologies

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Workato is the leading Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato enables both business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business workflows without compromising security and governance.

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Our gold-level Oracle partnership provides us first-hand resources when implementing Oracle-based solutions.





Integration Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped organizations improve their system integrations.

Integration Blog Posts

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