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Zero Trust and Zirous Presentation Cover

What does Identity mean for Zero Trust?

Experts David Cline and Ryan Babbitt discuss how Zero Trust Security really means Identity Security and why IAM practices, like Multifactor Authentication, Identity Governance, and Privileged Access Management, play such a significant role in realizing a successful Zero Trust Security vision.

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MarTech Matters Episode 4: The Data Advantage

Brandon Schulte and Ed Underberg sit down with Wayne Lopez Co-Founder & CPO at Vertify. In this episode they cover collecting and understanding the right data attributes, integrating data as a strategy, and how important it is to have the right process and people behind the technology.

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martech matters podcast cover

MarTech Matters Episode 3: Teaming up with Tealium

Zirous' Director of Marketing Technology Brandon Schulte, MBA sits down with Tealium's Director Solutions Consultant Josh Wolf to navigate connecting, unifying, and leveraging customer data. In this informative episode they cover how a data first approach enables a complete customer view, how to collect necessary data while preserving privacy and maintaining compliance, and the need for flexibility to adjust to the inevitable changes in marketing.

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martech matters cover with Brandon and Hunter pictured

MarTech Matters Driving Growth Episode 1

Brandon Schulte and Hunter Deskin sit down with Chief Marketing Officer, Betsy Frost, from DRY Soda Co. They discuss marketing as the driving force for sales. This episode includes the importance of transferring data into ROI's, how branding comes to life through digital interaction, and how marketing will need to change and adapt in the near future.

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Martech Matters Cover with Brandon and Hunter

MarTech Matters A Full Stack Marketer Episode 2

Brandon Schulte and Hunter Deskin sit down with Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Moore from Wynn Resorts to discuss what it means to be a full stack marketer, the notion of customer centricity, and looking at all aspects of customer data.

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The Dream Team Presentation Cover

2021 Iowa Technology Summit: The Dream Team Cloud & Analytics

Cloud and Analytics are the IT equivalent of milk and cookies- but for two things known to go together, why is it so hard to have a cohesive strategy?  Where does your environment need to be to get started with analytics?  What are the benefits to having a cloud strategy that goes beyond just lift-and-shift? How do I maximize results, while understanding how to manage and minimize costs? This presentation is part of an interactive complimentary workshop where we assist you in aligning your company’s goals and initiatives to get the most out of an analytics solution.

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