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Is Your Data Working For You or Against You?

Tealium Workshop Series

Cookie crumbling

What Happens When the Cookie Crumbles Workshop

Google recently announced that support for third-party cookies will end on December 31, 2021. If you’re like many marketers you rely on third-party cookies and their cross-domain tracking functionality to target, personalize and convert digital prospects into buyers. Don’t be caught with your hand in the cookie jar when the cookie crumbles.

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Tea Leaves With Tealium

It can be difficult to determine how to best take advantage of the complex capabilities of AI, but according to Gartner, early adoption will enable “forward-looking organizations to create very high business value.” Let us share our expertise around what machine learning is, how it works, what it can — and can’t — do today to transform your organization and how to harness the power of Tealium Predict.

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Smarter Content Management, Strategy and Governance with IQ (and EventStream)

When most leaders think of privacy legislation, they envision laws like GDPR (in the European Union), CASL (in Canada) and now CCPA for California consumers. At a basic level these laws require companies to gain consent from customers to transmit, store and utilize consumer data for revenue generation purposes.

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Martech Matters

For organizations to move ahead, humanizing the digital revolution is essential. Realizing a full 360-degree view of the customer is difficult, especially in a world bogged down with legacy systems and siloed, stand-alone products.  Learn how to increase cross-functional collaboration and harness customer data for new insights and amplifying the customer experience in real time.

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The Three R’s of Revenue: Reap the Returns of Revenue Attribution

Your marketing team has a data problem. Siloed systems, cross-channel journeys, poor tracking and unreliable data lead to spending decisions made by intuition rather than insight. Increase the effectiveness of your current spend, know the marketing channels that produce the best return and validate if your media budget is even the right amount.

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