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We’re always working on new webinars and webinar concepts. Keep checking back as more are added, and send us a note if you have a request for a specific topic!

Webinar Preview - Urban Hospital-01

Uncovering $370k in Additional Annual Revenue with Data Science

Zirous spent three weeks working to explore an urban hospital’s data. See what we uncovered — and how we discovered the opportunity for them to save $370,000 annually.

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Cloud Trials & Triumps

Migrating to the cloud is an important step for businesses to take today, but a successful migration comes with challenges. This webinar dives into the trials and triumphs that come with cloud adoption, according to our own experience and research from giants like Gartner and Forbes. As a bonus: we’ll walk through one of our client stories and how they faced, but overcame, these trials with our help.

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Cloud Migration Trials & Triumphs
Webinar Preview - Data Literacy

Data Literacy: How COVID-19 Has Revealed Our Need for Data Skills

As the world’s data grows exponentially, the lack of data skills among business users brings data-driven decision-making issues to light. This webinar dives into what this looks like from a perspective we all recognize: the never-ending sea of COVID-19 data.

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