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Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. You can now deploy applications faster, apply the most granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. Oracle Identity Management is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, which brings greater agility, better decision-making, and reduced cost and risk to diverse IT environments.

Healthcare organizations today must manage two sets of requirements: the practitioners’ need for easy access to information versus the business’ need to apply increased privacy and security controls against that data while keeping costs in-check. With regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, information security and recertification has become a key initiative in healthcare companies. This Major Health Services Business needed to simplify administration processes, ensure more consistent clinical outcomes and bring new drugs to market in a safe but fast manner.

This Major Health Services Business required a new data center, off site, which their employees and customers needed access to. Employees required access servers and applications required for their day to day jobs. The Business’ main objectives were to automate the provisioning process to ensure proper security and access, reduce administrative overhead and to satisfy regulatory compliance.

Company Challenges:

The Business needed to make their request processes automated. Instead of filling out forms and sending handfuls of emails, the process needed to be centralized so everything is requested through one tool and that one tool grants access. In a business where time equals money, this process can bring major cost savings, especially when it comes to password maintenance and reduced help desk calls.

Solution Details:

In order to access those off-site servers, Zirous implemented OIM in a Development and Production environments to begin with which were later to be integrated with Active Directory, a trusted source for storing people’s information regarding privileges. With OIM, the Company could provision and deprovision users to applications. The Business then decided to add external application support for apps outside of their own network. Specifics of Zirous’ OIM solution deployed on WebLogic included:

  • Architecting OIM system with multiple AD connectors tailored to business requirements
  • Designing and implementing an Oracle ADF self-registration application for users to create accounts, self-manage passwords and request access to roles
  •  Integrating the self-registration application with OIM through the use of the Java APIs
  • Implementing approval workflows which notifies people along the way if there is a request that multiple people have to touch. With this tool, the business can make sure the right people approve the request first and it shows the current status of that request.

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