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10 Tips for Working Remotely: Part 1

At Zirous, working remotely is a major part of our business, whether an employee is working from home permanently, or performing work for an out-of-state client. Of course, we do have many employees working on-site for clients, but the trend at Zirous, and in IT consulting, is leaning toward off site work for these reasons.

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Zirous Goes Platinum!

Zirous is thrilled to announce that we've been approved as a Platinum Partner with Oracle. We are now the ONLY Platinum Partner in the State of Iowa and one of only a handful of Platinum Partners in the entire Midwest region.

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Landing Your Dream Job

I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to navigate the complicated interview process which also lets you into the mind of an interviewer. So, would you like to land your dream job? Follow these five simple steps.

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