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Zirous created the z|customer award to recognize organizations whose projects were important to not only our success, but had or will have a significant impact in our customer’s business. We decided to base the award on a few factors, including:

  1. Significant benefit to the customer
  2. Met project milestones
  3. Helped Zirous advance one or more of our practice areas

Zirous recognizes its customers who allow for further growth for both parties by realizing the potential of Oracle technology to solve their business challenges. We call it the z|customer award and last week, we were proud to present it to the Office of Professional Regulation.

Since the Summer of 2005, Zirous has been working with the staff at OPR to complete the automation of OPR’s business processes for both staff and customers in a web-based application. Working together, the Zirous and OPR teams have focused on understanding the key business drivers and requirements to allow for success in this ten year venture.

Zirous hopes that its relationship with OPR is one that will continue to grow in the future. The project successes and experiences are ones that Zirous team members hope to mirror with other clients.

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  1. The What’s New doc should be out any day now. There were some late edits and sculdheing issues with getting it added to the external web site, but it is my understanding that all of that is nearly resolved.

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