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As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Zirous’ exclusive relationship with Oracle allows us to invest our time and resources into achieving Oracle specializations. As a company, Zirous was able to boast 10 Oracle specializations. This week, we’re able to add one additional to that list!
Zirous is now Specialized in Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).

Zirous’ corporate philosophy is to be the most knowledgeable Oracle partner in the country when implementing Oracle’s core technology. We care about our customers and are confident in our ability to meet our customers’ immediate, as well as long-term business requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the ODA and how Zirous can help you implement it, please click here.


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  1. We’re looking at it for a few tnhgis: first as a ‘cache’ database in front of the production databases as emergency failover (even a cluster can crash, so we have a very limited set of features we support). It is an internet based application so saying ‘go away we’re down’ isn’t an option. We’ll pull some amount of data into an XE database hourly and on failure point the app servers to it. We’ll have about 5% functionality, but it is important functionality to 90% of the clients. Having lost the RAC a few times, this is a nice emergency solution.Second place is to remove the mySql/SQLServer/Postges/Access … databases the business units have created over the years. With ODBC/JDBC and PHP/Perl interfaces, we don’t change the applications, just the database underneath them.Then we can leverage the production DBA and engineering resources to help manage them until we can replace each one into a RAC. (Funny how the business units want our help in managing and tuning until we try to take them into our control.)

  2. No, XE is NOT a valid, real, alternative to Personal in corsues and training : XE is so much “feature-removed” , you canb4t “get your feet wet” in partitioning and in oh so many goodies. because XE derives from Standard db edition… In my humble opinion, XE could be derived from Personal, so we could at least “get a better start” – of course, Oracle will restrict the use (example, the size and/or the number of partitions and alike, to restrict use in production), but NOT simply cut off the features.

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