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Marketing Technology

Crafting customer centricity
through data and automation.

CDP Know your customer
better than you know yourself.
Unify My Customer Data Harness your most valuable asset. Customer Data
Automation Scale communications
to drive value.
Automate My Success marketing automation device icon flow of marketing to purchase Work smarter.
Testing Unleash the effectiveness of
your team and message.
Check Out Personalization & Testing Microscope Let experimentation guide you forward.
CRM A sustained foundation
for excellence.
Build a Solid CRM Performance based and results driven. People sitting around a desktop computer that reads CRM. There are graphs and targets surrounding the screen.
Services Everyone needs
a great wingman.
Find My Partner Your success is our success. handshake

We enable clients to overcome the paradigm shift in marketing driven by new technology and customer demands to thrive in the new marketing landscape. Our expertise in technology, data, performance marketing, analytics and marketing automation helps create customer-first organizations — resulting in faster revenue growth, higher return on investment and improved operational efficiency for our clients.

We leverage our expertise to drive value for clients:

revenue possibilities

Uncover Hidden Demand

Increase revenue by unlocking the potential of your customers.


Attribute Revenue to Spend

Connect activities to dollars to generate the highest rate of return on investment.

scaled communications

Scale Communication Cross Channel

Follow customer experience strategy best practices to drive brand loyalty.


Optimize Marketing Effectiveness

Remove barriers to unleash the effectiveness of your team and message.

Marketers are blessed with tools to attract, retain, and grow customers.

marketing technology tools

In fact, there are 8,000 tools, and growing, on the market today. We help you cut through the clutter to select, implement and optimize the right technology to put your customers first.

Included Services:

  • Marketing automation & CRM
  • Expert services
  • Tool selection, implementation & onboarding
  • Marketing technology architecture & analysis
  • Marketing automation launch/reboot workshop
  • Customer relationship management optimization workshop
  • Change management/user adoption workshop

Personalization through automation

marketing automation

Best-in-class marketers establish the processes, technology and culture that revolve around their customers. In an increasingly digital world, this means generating interest using multiple tools to create a seamless journey, regardless of how customers choose to interact with your brand. Companies must develop the ability to:

  • Improve the quality of customer interactions;
  • Provide personalized and relevant omni-channel communication to customers;
  • Increase the perceived product value for customers; and
  • Use automation to scale communication across platforms.

Get started with Catalyst.

It’s this combination of the IT and business sides of your organization that bring you the most from marketing and technology.

This is a unique approach for a technology services provider. And it’s what makes us your best strategic partner. Instead of stopping after deploying the latest systems, we find out what your business wants and needs to be able to do. We then identify the technologies, processes and strategies to unlock the possibilities of your people and tools.

That’s why Catalyst is a crucial starting point. We get business leaders, business users, and technical staff in the same room to collaborate, define goals, and understand what is needed to move the organization forward. This collaboration is the Catalyst for accelerated success.

Our recommendations are client-specific. We evaluate what you have, and based on where you’re trying to go, suggest the best ways to bridge the gap.

Through Catalyst, we define a Unified Marketing Technology Strategy that lays the roadmap to confidently lead you through your digital transformation. And guess what: Zirous can bring that roadmap to fruition, too.

Catalyst definition is a person or thing that precipitates an event

Learn More About the Following Services

Marketing Automation

Create integrated, dynamic email campaigns that automate journeys across your entire customer and product portfolios. We help clients to select, implement and integrate the right automation system for their business. 


We address your technology and process limitations to get the most out of your CRM system. By connecting relevant touch points we enable your employees to understand the true 360-degree picture of your customers and accounts.

Customer Data Platform

Customer data is a company’s most valuable asset — provided the organization is able to utilize that data.  We optimize and automate your data pipeline to drive buyers to your products and services while reducing acquistion costs.

Expert Services

We don’t make the marketing tools you buy — we make the marketing tools you buy work better. We help clients maximize their use of marketing technology through training and expert advice and as a key member of their team.

Personalization & Testing

We help clients discover the most effective messages, designs and user flows that convert to revenue. We isolate the right variables, monitor results and standardize outcomes to boost conversion rate optimization for your business.

Get in touch with a marketing technology expert.

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