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The world of technology – and data in particular – is ever-changing. What’s true one day may not be the next. Your time and energy is focused on the day-to-day projects at hand, and even if many of those rely on data, it can be challenging to stay informed among your other tasks. Let us make it easier for you.

Zirous is pleased to present z|Discover, our breakfast series aimed 100% at educating you on the matters most important to the data operations of your business. This deal really couldn’t get any sweeter: free education and discussion tailored to your interests and free breakfast – right in the comfort of your own office. Just reach out to us with the topic you need to learn about most.


Currently on the menu:

Muffins & Machine Learning

Machine Learning & Muffins
Cut through the fluff to find true AI value

It can be difficult to determine how to best take advantage of the complex capabilities of AI, but according to Gartner, early adoption will enable “forward-looking organizations to create very high business value.” Let us share our expertise around what machine learning is, how it works, and what it can — and can’t — do today to transform your organization. We’ll introduce technologies and algorithms that can be applied to various business use cases, and we’ll discuss what is needed to start experimenting with AI initiatives — and how you can expect them to translate into value.

Culture & Coffee

Culture & Coffee
How to send an analytics jolt through your organization

Culture is the #1 barrier to effectively scaling digital initiatives, according to a recent Gartner survey. And according to Progress research, 62% of business leaders say their organization is in denial about the need to transform digitally. Without creating momentum throughout your enterprise, you’ll be spinning your wheels. Without considering how business processes need to adapt, your technical initiatives will crash. Having a plan to show value and gain business buy-in is fundamental to success — let us provide some insight.

Platforms & Pastries

Platforms & Pastries
How to choose the best from the assortment

We’ve taste-tested a wide array of tools, technologies, and platforms.  Stop the paralysis of analysis by strategically weighing their strengths and weaknesses, costs, and capabilities with experienced professionals to find which fits your organization and your initiatives best. Learn what questions you should be asking and how quickly these technologies can start having tangible impact on your business.

Data Governance & Donuts

Data Governance & Donuts
How governance fills the holes in your data and analytics strategy

If your data is not properly secured, you’re leaving your organization unnecessarily and negligently vulnerable. But data governance is way more than just security; without proper management, you’re risking your data’s integrity and limiting the availability and effectiveness of the insights you’re trying to gain. Let us share best practices and strategies to ensure you have a solid data foundation to build upon.

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