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No One Is Perfect, but Together We Can Get Close

Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” When it comes to marketing technology there is a large gap between the feature set of a tool and what is utilized. Furthermore, with any new technology there are skills needed to effectively use the tool that sometimes are in short supply. A recent report released by Econsultancy, titled “Marketing in the Dark,” found that nearly two-thirds of organizations are ill equipped to implement and use new technology.

It’s OK to Phone a Friend

We’ve found that purchasing and integrating marketing technologies alone only gets an organization so far. To truly maximize the benefits of these investments your staff must become experts on not only the technology but how these tools transform processes for your users.

While most vendors offer training or conferences on their platforms, they are expensive between fees, travel costs and more. They solely focus on that vendor’s product(s) — not how those martech tools fit into an organization’s larger framework. That’s where Zirous comes in. As experts in marketing, technology and business processes, our world-class consultants cut across platforms and even functional units to customize solutions for your needs and enable your company to drive business outcomes.

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Do More With Less

We don’t make the marketing tools you buy — we make the marketing tools you buy work better. Whether helping select a tool that fits your business and technology needs or implementing a new technology and training your staff on the platform, Zirous consultants will provide expert marketing technology services to maximize your return on your investment — which allows you to simultaneously meet the needs of your customers, staff and bottom line.

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