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The Des Moines metro is committed to creating an environment that fosters growth and development of small businesses, entrepreneurial enterprises, and medium sized businesses. However increases in security breaches are becoming a troubling trend and these businesses are not safe.

With the rise of technology and interconnectedness, cybercriminals have developed more sophisticated methods to exploit vulnerabilities creating devastating impacts in the community. Small businesses are statistically the most popular target for threat actors, as they tend to have lower levels of security awareness and resources. One of the most common attacks is ransomware. The small and midsized business market is simply not equipped for this devastation.

News Articles about Security in the Community

Steps to protecting yourself:

  1. Ensure you have a training program to educate and test your staff on things to look for in emails and avoid clicking on malicious links or opening attachments that can be catastrophic to your business.
  2. Never assume that you are safe. Most personal data has touched the internet in some capacity; the question that needs to be asked is: “What will we do today to ensure more data does not become compromised?”
  3. Work with a reputable security provider and implement a cyber insurance policy. This can provide financial protection in the event of a security breach.

Most businesses don’t know where to start with their security and are unaware of best practices. Zirous has been helping businesses implement the proper security awareness and tools in place to reduce risk to their company and staff. Zirous is also committed to the local community as many other small businesses and to continue that, we are offering a complimentary assessment to help you see risks you have today and how to reduce them.

Zirous has 35+ years of experience implementing best practices and the tools to build a better and more secure business.


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