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In the information technology consulting space, relationships with cutting-edge and industry-leading partners are vital to providing valuable services to businesses. Not only is it important to broker a partnership and relationship with these companies, but it’s vital as a consulting company to make sure your employees are well-versed in the technologies that will be implemented. 

At Zirous, we focus on partnering with strategic companies that augment and enhance the services that we provide to our customers. Our technology consultants have yearly goals for education related to our partnerships. This ensures that our employees are up-to-speed on the latest technology versions and capabilities.

We’ll be walking you through our strategic partnerships today and providing insight into why we’ve partnered with these companies.


Zirous has been an Oracle partner since 1992. Yes, 1992. For almost 25 years of that time, Zirous was 100% focused on our partnership with Oracle. For about the last 5 years, we’ve expanded our partnerships outside of Oracle — but more on that later. Since our Oracle partnership was so much the foundation of our business, much of our staff are experts in all of their fusion middleware and infrastructure components. From database and engineered systems, to service oriented architecture, identity and access management, and cloud offerings. Zirous’ practice areas align directly with Oracle’s offerings, and our staff hold over 50 certifications in these areas. 


Similar to Oracle, Microsoft’s offerings and technology capabilities are vast. Zirous’ experience and expertise with Microsoft lie in Azure (cloud storage, migration, and native analytics), Power BI (visualization), Power Apps (low-code development) and Active Directory. Because of some strong sales opportunities, we’ve emphasized building relationships with Microsoft personnel within our sales territories so that together we can offer clients the most advantageous strategy and pricing. Zirous’ employees in each of our practice areas are focused on certifications and education in Microsoft tools and cloud offerings. 


Amazon Web Services has great strength in cloud storage and serves as a great strategic partner in our cloud migration practice area. AWS is consistently rolling out new services and offers an alternative to Microsoft Azure in some cases. Zirous’ approach is always to assess our clients current state and business needs, and only then determine which technology partner is right for each client. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and Zirous consultants understand that everyone’s business situation is different and requires a well thought out solution.


MuleSoft is a new partnership and tool in our so-called ‘tool belt.’ Their Anypoint Platform, an integration platform developed with APIs rather than one-to-one connections, allows for a cleaner integration ecosystem with greater flexibility and ease of adding and replacing applications. This makes it a great option for integration opportunities where Oracle’s service oriented architecture isn’t a great fit. We’re the first — and so far only — MuleSoft partner based in Iowa. By the summer of 2020, we plan to have eight of our integration staff certified in MuleSoft technologies.

SailPoint & Okta

SailPoint offers identity governance solutions — both on-premise and in the cloud. Coupled with Okta’s solution for providing flexible single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, SailPoint’s IdentityIQ solution is great for large or robust environments, while its IdentityNow solution is a great match for identity and access management needs that are a bit simpler and need minimal customization, or clients who strictly seek a cloud identity offering. With Okta on board, we’re able to offer robust employee-facing and customer-facing identity solutions in addition to add-ons like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, federation and more.


Finally, Tealium is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that helps companies create a 360-degree customer view by managing and tracking the customer journey. Tealium centralizes known and unknown customer data that can be activated within campaigns in nearly every channel. Their customer data platform (CDP) and tag management solutions will make customer data more valuable, purposeful, actionable and secure. Some key benefits of our partnership include improving the customer experience, enabling collaboration by internal teams, analytics and reporting insight, automation across organizations, attribution tracking, increased marketing agility, data governance and improved operational efficiency.

To learn more about how Zirous uses Tealium to provide martech solutions, check out Zirobi, our joint venture with marketing research firm OBI Creative.


These technologies from a great list of companies allow Zirous to make well thought out recommendations to our clients and truly find the best solution to solve their particular business problems. When working with consultants, we understand how important it is for staff to be educated on industry-leading options, and Zirous focuses on exactly that to bring you the most business value possible. 


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