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Database Administrators, are you constantly managing your users and making changes in 50 or more databases? Zirous understands that your time is valuable, so stop wasting it! There is no time for manually changing and creating these user privileges. Oracle Enterprise User Security (EUS) allows your company to manage database users and their authorizations in one central location. Leveraging this solution from Zirous, your company will be prepared to manage the required security regulations you will need when your company is audited. To further enhance your features, Oracle Identity Manager can be leveraged for detailed reports on provisioning and authorization management.

Utilizing your already existing third-party directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), this solution leverages that login information to provide a secure synchronization of changes in AD to all relevant databases. EUS leverages group memberships, Kerberos authentication and doesn’t require any changes to your existing Microsoft Active Directory or compatible third-party directory*.

Features of an EUS Solution:

  • Third-party Directory to Database Auto-Synchronization
  • Centralized Provisioning and Deprovisioning of DB users
  • Centralized Password Management
  • Centralized Authorizations and DB Roles
  • Utilizes Kerberos authentication
  • Reporting Capabilities when leveraged with OIM

Required Software:

  • Oracle Directory Services Plus
  • Active Directory or another compatible Third-Party Directory*
  • Oracle Database 10g, 11g or 12c

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