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Zirous was chosen as a Top Oracle Solutions Provider in CIOReview magazine’s September 15th issue. The following was published in the magazine, which can be viewed here, on page 106.
Zirous: Fostering Flexible, Collaborative and Secure Access to Business Applications

By Benita M

In recent years, enterprises are witnessing a deep need for security of data, easy access to core business information and streamlined manipulation of complex work environments. Organizations around the world require secure and convenient ways to manage the identity and access of its employees and customers connecting to digital services.

For more than 25 years, Zirous has established its reputation for being an accomplished information technology and consulting company, strategically strengthening their position by becoming a Gold Partner with Oracle in1992.

The primary goal of the West Des Moines based company is to implement high-quality solutions delivered by collaborative, dynamic and accomplished employees to solve complex business challenges for the company’s immediate and long-term needs. Zirous is specialized in multiple Oracle technologies including Java, BI, Enterprise Manager, Database and currently have two Specializations pending in Identity Governance and Oracle Access Management.

Business Challenge: Security

The main business challenge lies with security of sensitive business data. For example, how quickly can the business terminate an employee’s login credentials when he or she leaves or gets terminated from the company? “We add value to our customers from the architecture layer; understanding what they have in place and where they want to go,” says Mike McDermott, CEO at Zirous. He goes onto add, “Zirous has worked with various healthcare and insurance companies to assist with provisioning and recertification of their many employees. By implementing Oracle Identity Manager, Zirous is able to ensure a simplified solution to manage user access privileges across the company’s enterprise business resources.” This significantly reduces the cost of incorporating any necessary updates due to changing business requirements.

Unique Staffing Model

Setting them apart from other consulting companies, Zirous provides customers with consultants that are a part of Zirous’ full-time-staff model. Hiring employees full-time allows for a high retention rate and the unique ability to staff return customers with employees who are already familiar with management staff and the overall goals of the company.

Outlook for Future

Zirous is focused on remaining a top Oracle partner, which means investing heavily in mobile security and cloud; two topics that have quickly gained popularity in the IT business recently. Zirous will continue to meet the business needs of their clients by adapting to the demands of the market and continuing to remain 100% focused on Oracle solutions.

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