Global Manufacturing Company

Oracle SOA Suite

This Global Manufacturing Company is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. With operations in 44 countries and 7 regional ERP systems, this company needed a more effective method to perform forecasting and demand planning analysis. A solution that reduced costs, simplified process and improved the timeliness and accuracy of information was essential to continued success. Leveraging the features of Oracle’s SOA Suite, Zirous designed and implemented solutions that reduced costs, simplified integration, and established a foundation for future development.

Midwest Power Company

Oracle SOA Suite

This Midwest Power Company has collaborated with Zirous, primarily focused on SOA solutions aimed at simplifying integration implementations. This particular SOA integration was needed because the Company now required a way to monitor and organize data from the Company’s Smart Grid program. Zirous designed and implemented a solution that controlled the flow of this new information, allowing the Company to use the data to better understand and serve their customers.

State Government Agency - Criminal Justice

Oracle SOA Governance Suite

This State Government Agency is an information services hub for other state agencies involved in public safety, law enforcement and criminal justice. SOA Governance was needed to establish oversight and exercise control over a diverse IT environment and to influence the agency’s people and processes. Zirous architected a solution strategy leveraging the key features of Oracle SOA Governance Suite to address the agency’s most demanding pain points.