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About Managed Services


Zirous was contacted by a midwest-based law firm that was dealing with several issues relating to their email and storage services. In response to the customer’s call, Zirous held a few discussions to fully understand the situation. Through these discussions, the concerns and goals quickly became apparent, and Zirous was ready to provide them a high-quality managed services approach.

The Challenge

The customer outlined multiple concerns and issues with their current solution and service provider:

  • Security: Suffered a serious ransomware attack that left much of their critical business documents corrupted, with no usable backups.
  • Performance: Unexpected performance issues making real-time email collaboration difficult and painful.
  • Environment: Highly complicated on-prem configuration that required strong IT skills to manage.
  • Service Provider: A Service provider that was slow to respond, with no guarantee in their response, or method for tracking issues.

These challenges were impacting the ability of the law firm to service their customers promptly, as well as loss of critical history and business documentation.

The Solution

Once the challenges were understood, Zirous worked with the customer to outline their goals. The customer wanted to emphasize the following:

  1. A cloud-based solution, removing all on-prem servers.
  2. Proper backup and security services to prevent future breaches.
  3. Predictable and improved performance.
  4. Displace current support provider.
Goal layout infograph

Zirous broke the solution into phases and the initial phase was to be focused on back-office services and protections. Zirous completed an analysis of the current on-prem environment and outlined a proposal to take the customer to a cloud-based solution. This included best practice methods and products and services at a reasonable price. With simple per-user pricing and fixed costs, the customer had a comprehensive pricing strategy that would achieve their goals.

The Impact

The benefit with going with Zirous is having the best talent and experience in the industry. This combined with a managed services offering with best-in-class tools and a helpdesk service ensures that customers can focus on their business and not technology.

The evidence was clear, a complicated on-prem configuration, unpredictable email performance and a recent ransomware attack was hindering this law firm from reaching its full potential. Success was measured by the customer satisfaction and staff, along with higher email reliability, improved security protection and awareness. In the end, the solution and services provided by Zirous exceeded their expectations and now they can focus on the growth and management of their business.

Quick Facts


  • Full Service law firm
  • 200+ Employees

Technologies Involved

  • Microsoft 365
  • Proofpoint
  • Dropsuite
  • Ironscales


  • A complicated on-prem configuration, poor email performance and a recent attack hindered the Law Firm’s potential.
  • Zirous mapped out a plan that would not only mitigate their current obstacles, but would enable them to perform at a higher caliber for their clients. 
  • The law firm retained thousands of dollars by removing the need to manage the upkeep of their on-prem environment. 
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