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A fast growing expansion created the need for Labster to reform its marketing strategy. This case study will illustrate how Zirous helped this growing e-learning company implement Marketo and lay the foundation for a more transparent, flexible, and customizable marketing system.

Labster’s previous platform, Pardot, led to misalignment between the sales and marketing team resulting in inefficiencies, a poor customer experience and missed revenue opportunity.

With their new world-class demand generation machine, Marketo, their sales and marketing teams are now aligning on leads and employing effective lead scoring. They are able to nail personalization at scale and optimize the sales funnel while keeping up with supercharged growth.

The Challenge

With Labster’s explosive growth and needed to have a solution that would allow them to better understand and utilize their data. Six months prior to implementation, they had a marketing team of one. At the time of implementation it had grown to 15-plus individuals using Pardot and Salesforce. The majority of the team was not trained on their old platform and it wasn’t implemented well. Their previous Marketing Automated Platform (MAP), Pardot, limited their ability to act on all of the data they had in their system. Labster needed a change to act so they could respond quicker with the data they had, but also open new possibilities and insights from data collecting and reporting, flexibility in MAP software to fit different requirements, and the ability to customize almost any piece in the marketing process. Specifically, Labster needed this flexibility and the ability to segment their audience automatically.

“(Pardot) was limiting, it felt like everything required a work around. Customize things we couldn’t before.” – Hayley Pettey, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

In short, Pardot was not adapting with Labster’s needs and growth.

At the same time, Labster was going through a few technology migration projects and a website rebrand so whatever new solution they went with, it had to work and work the first time it was implemented.

The Solution

Zirous worked quickly to alleviate Labster’s pain points and addressed their data siloing by integrating all their marketing technologies into Marketo. They enabled a 360 degree view of each person, dynamic analytics, and a unified marketing profile to their Salesforce instance. While resolving the client’s main concern, Zirous kept their source of truth updated, created real time updates, accurate and timely reporting, accurate sales data, and personalization at scale. Ultimately created solidified sales and qualified leads for their sales team.

From the very beginning Zirous set a clear road map and expectations for the whole implementation. Everyone had an awareness and understanding of current status and next steps.

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After seeing immediate results from the above, Labster saw the need for a connected Webinar platform. Zirous connected all of the client’s webinar platforms into Marketo – enabling real time updates on Zoom and GoTo webinars so that meetings fed directly into Marketo programs and analytics. Labster saw direct results from being able to accurately track a person’s experience including deeper insights for individual interests, interactivity with content, and the ability to follow up with more effective campaigns. They were able to immediately know things like:

  • Did this person attend?
  • Did they watch later?
  • Has this person attended in the past?
  • Have they interacted with my targeted marketing efforts based on the webinar topic?

All of the answers to these questions, and more were now available to Labster This allowed them to intervene in the webinar journey more effectively while nurturing and sending prospects to sales when they were ready to buy.

The Impact

Labster expressed they were “over-the-moon” ecstatic with the results of Zirous’ implementation during a chaotic time in their development as a company.

Labster Quote

Of the three concurrent technology implementations, Zirous’ Marketo implementation was the fastest and most successful. Because Labster saw the ability for Zirous to follow through and produce as expected, it allowed them to focus more resources on other projects. In a rapidly growing company, effective resource management is everything.

By far the biggest impact was with Labster’s organization effectiveness. Just as the data was siloed before the integration, the sales and marketing teams were separate in their approaches. Marketo allowed these two very important departments to come together as one.
“Sales and marketing can now function as one. Previously there was a level of distrust, a lack of clarity and communication. Immediately the clarity was huge. We can manage nurture streams and re-market in a way we couldn’t before to take our business to the next level,” said Hayley Pettey, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations.

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Quick Facts


Labster is an award-winning company that has changed the way science is taught. Their virtual labs enable simulated learning environments so lab experiments, abstract concepts and theories can be explored without stepping into a physical lab. The future of education has been changed in this 3D universe that enables curiosity and learning and highlights the connection between science and the real-world. Educational entities and global leading institutions are already seeing the impact of this empowering platform.

Technologies Involved

  • Marketo
  • Demandbase
  • Zoom


  • A fast growing e-learning company was seeking a more affective marketing automation system that was flexible and enabled personalization at scale. They turned to Zirous experts and Adobe Marketo.
  • Marketo efficiently enabled Labster to better utilize their data, gave a 360 degree view of prospects, and fostered collaboration between marketing, business development, and sales teams.
  • Quick, tangible improvements to marketing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility were apparent. Direct positive client feedback.
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