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More About Managed Services

Company Info

ZLR Ignition is an integrated marketing and branding agency.


ZLR Ignition approached Zirous for Managed Services as their previous service provider presented challenges including prolonged response times and lack of expertise on data security and compliance. Zirous implemented support processes, conducted vulnerability assessments, provided security training, and enhanced backup tools and email security to address issues. These efforts positioned ZLR Ignition for regulatory compliance and increased data protection.

Technologies Involved

  • Acronis (workstation backups)
  • Addigy (device monitoring)
  • Avanan (email security)
  • BreachSecureNow (security awareness training)
  • ConnectSecure (vulnerability scans)
  • Datto RMM (device monitoring)
  • Dropsuite (email backups)
  • SentinelOne (AV/EDR)
  • Synology (NAS)
  • Ubiquiti Unifi (networking)

The Challenge

  • Inadequate daily support
  • Long response times
  • Lack of local support for on-premises issues
  • Unable to support attaining SOC 2 compliance
  • Lack of security focus

ZLR Ignition encountered various challenges with their past provider that hindered their operational efficiency and growth. A key challenge was insufficient support, characterized by slow response and resolution times from their previous provider. In addition, when ZLR began looking into compliance standards like SOC 2, their previous provider was not equipped to assist with meeting those requirements. These deficiencies prompted ZLR Ignition to seek an alternative solution and managed service provider that could effectively address their operational and security needs. 


  • New workstation backup tool
  • Email backups
  • Better email security
  • BCDR
  • Regular vulnerability assessments
  • Security awareness training

Zirous addressed the client’s concerns by implementing solutions tailored to operational efficiency and strengthened security measures. This included streamlined support processes, a dedicated support team for immediate assistance, and the deployment of advanced monitoring tools to proactively address potential threatsNew workstations and email backup tools were deployed, ensuring swift data recovery and minimizing downtime in the event of system failures. 

Finally, Zirous worked with ZLR to create a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan, enabling prompt recovery from unforeseen disruptions and minimizing downtime. This included regular vulnerability assessments and security awareness training that would help identify and address security gaps early. 
The Impact



Zirous’ solutions have enhanced ZLR’s operational efficiency and its security measures. The average first response time rate is 48 minutes with 96% of tickets receiving a response in less than one hour. These statistics demonstrate Zirous’ dedication to providing prompt and proactive support.

The implementation of new workstation backup tools, email backups, and a Business Disaster Recovery plan has bolstered data protection, while advanced email security measures have minimized the risk of cyber threats. With an average resolution plan of 7.48 hours and an average resolution time of 13.41 hours, Zirous’ solutions have not only resolved issues efficiently but have also equipped the company with proactive measures to navigate the evolving threat landscape effectively.

Since implementing the resources of Zirous Security Services, ZLR has the needed support and expertise to efficiently navigate SOC 2 compliance. In addition to the transformative solutions already implemented, Zirous is committed to helping set a longer-term plan to further enhance the company’s resilience and security posture through strategic initiatives. Further enhancements include bolstering the firewall and VPN infrastructure, migrating identity providers, and facilitating a seamless and centralized management of user access across systems and applications.

President of ZLR Ignition Xan McNelly stated, “I appreciate the partnership ZLR Ignition is building with Zirous. They are responsive and solutions-oriented which has been critical as we are continually evolving from both a technology and security perspective.”

Quick Facts

Technologies Involved


Zirous’ solutions have profoundly transformed the company’s operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and fortifying security measures. With an average first response time of just 48 minutes, Zirous has drastically reduced the waiting period for support, ensuring swift assistance when needed. Moreover, an impressive 96% of tickets receive a first response in less than one hour, demonstrating Zirous’ commitment to prompt and proactive support.

Zirous effectively addressed the array of challenges ZLR Ignition faced by implementing solutions tailored to operational efficiency and fortifying security measures.

Zirous deployed advanced measures to improve email security, mitigating the risk of cyber threats and unauthorized access. As well as new workstation and email backup tools, ensuring swift data recovery and minimizing downtime in the event of system failures.

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