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Manufacturing companies are getting innovative to stay competitive in the market. As a company that was founded over 40 years ago that has faced massive growth and international expansion, it is no surprise Puck Enterprises is an early adopter of virtual reality. This case study will illustrate how Zirous helped Puck Manufacturing embrace the disruptive technology and pave the way for the industry by implementing a new trade show experience including a product display within an extended reality experience.

The Challenge

While digital technology is driving transformative change, nothing will ever be able to replace the allure and impact that trade shows have for manufacturing companies. Like any other company in its industry, Puck Enterprises embraces them as a means to market and showcase new technology around their machinery and equipment. While trade shows are a powerful way to increase visibility and boost sales, they can be limiting when it comes to showcasing large agricultural and safety products.

Limited Product Display

Puck was forced to make selections about featured equipment at trade shows. Their extensive inventory is full of large pieces of equipment which lead to space limitations at tradeshows. Not only does this impact the variety of equipment they can showcase at one time, but limits the selection of pieces they are able to take because of their size. This limits product exposure and impacts their overall marketing strategy.

Logistical Issues

Puck was compelled to select equipment based on inventory demands – keeping logistical challenges in mind. With a focus on efficiency and a specialized inventory, Puck needed to be mindful of their equipment distribution when selecting equipment to showcase at tradeshows. Decisions on what equipment to showcase were often influenced by where and when equipment was scheduled to be delivered to customers. Transporting large equipment is a disruptive, time consuming process that limits product exposure.

High Cost

Puck incurs many overhead costs associated with attending trade shows. While attending 20+ shows per year, Puck found increased time and effort to transport equipment long distances, clean and maintain the equipment, and purchase additional booth space within trade shows. Puck needed a solution that would enable them to put a wider breadth of their product line in front of various audiences at trade shows – moving them to the forefront of innovation within the manufacturing industry.

The Solution

Zirous worked quickly to alleviate Puck’s need by implementing a fully immersive virtual reality experience for use at trade shows and beyond. A simulated showroom was created to showcase their TTR20 Hose Reel Cart. Instead of shipping a Hose Reel Cart hundreds of miles, simply putting on a virtual reality headset places you in the virtual showroom. The experience reproduces the ability for the user to walk around a life size Hose Reel Cart, with added functionalities of easily viewing the inner sections and underside of the equipment. Hand controls utilize joysticks to allow the user to navigate around the hose cart as they control their field of view with a simple turn of the head. Bystanders are also able to view a live cast of the experience on a screen at the trade show, allowing many audience members to view at once and enable communication between users and Puck personnel throughout the experience.

The Impact

Not only can Puck now attract attention to their products with this innovative experience, they are able to avoid much of the hassle and costs associated with equipment trade shows. The Virtual Reality experience alleviates concerns about equipment fitting into booth space, as well as logistical challenges with having the correct equipment in a convenient location for each trade show. After seeing an immediate impact from this extended reality showroom, Puck saw the need for additional enhancements to the experience to assist in the launch of their line of fire equipment. The Zirous team got to work toward implementing a larger showroom to feature these additional pieces of Puck equipment. The experience is complete with screens to display the products in action, a movie theater to showcase Puck content, and the ability to animate movement of equipment to demonstrate functionality. This expanded experience was recently featured at Puck’s booth at the FDIC International Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Quick Facts

Technologies Involved

  • Sailpoint IdentityNow •
  • AWS Lambda
  • Active Directory
  • Google Workspace
  • Ultipro
  • Kronos
  • NetSuite


  • An insurance company had deficiencies after rapid growth, their existing Identity Governance processes consisted mostly manual processes that were prone to human error.
  • Zirous developed a multi-phase roadmap to discover areas for growth, prioritize their Identity Governance goals, and implement Sailpoint’s IdentityNow.
  • The result enables the organization to standardize the request approval process and increase the timeliness of access granted or removed for employees when they are onboarded and offboarded.
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