NEW! National Standardized Testing Company

Modern Data Architecture

A national standardized testing company needed to consolidate their data sources in a modern data architecture to allow them to advance their analytic capabilities and provide their organization with actionable insights. The company’s data comes in from multiple third parties, which made it difficult to combine all sources and analyze their data holistically.

Employee Engagement and Rewards Company

Market Basket Analysis

An employee engagement and rewards company wanted to expand their service offerings to include performing data analytics on their customers’ data. This customer data was already being stored by the rewards company, so analyzing this valuable information was a natural expansion of offerings.

This company consults with their clients to identify ways to drive customer and employee loyalty through planning, organizing, and executing incentive programs, travel, and events. Analyzing customer data would provide their customers with actionable insights that they could not previously obtain, which would speed up the customer’s return on investment and strengthen this company’s customer relationships.