Enterprise-Level Financial Company


Legacy and end-of-life systems which have been heavily customized are still in use in many IT departments. Tools are customized so much that the base functionality is hardly put to use, making maintenance difficult and expensive. What useful upgrades is your business missing out on due to these scenarios?

In this case study of an enterprise-level financial company, you’ll get an inside look at how their choice to upgrade to Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11gR2 PS3, leaving behind their heavily customized older version, which will save them many dollars, hours and headaches.

Midwest Healthcare Insurance Company


With nearly 200 applications, multiple environments and 2,500 users, this Midwest Healthcare Insurance Company could no longer effectively manage their recertification and provisioning process manually. They estimated annual expenditures in excess of $1,500,000 to meet their compliance requirements. A solution that reduced costs, simplified process and increased the dissemination of tasks and associated privileges for a specific business process among multiple users was essential to continued success.

Major Regional Bank


This privately held Major Regional Bank has locations in seven states and more than 6.6 million customers across the country. The bank was previously leveraging dozens of independent authentication realms for customer access to online systems, which resulted in a duplication of functionality and the associated infrastructure and support costs. This was a costly model for the bank that would only continue to grow over time.

State Government Agency - Employment Department


This State Government Agency has vital responsibilities including the support of unemployment benefits and recruiting assistance to businesses. It is also responsible for the maintenance of accurate workforce information required to make informed decisions. With a growing number of public facing web applications that serve over 150,000 businesses and citizens in its state, this agency needed a solution that improved user authentication and access, simplified user account maintenance, and protected access to sensitive data.

Large Midwest Financial Company


This Midwest Financial company serves millions of clients worldwide. This high volume of login requests requires an effective technology in place for its end-user access security. Confirming that the correct customer is accessing the correct accounts and information is a tough task for such a large company. The Company required Zirous to help them utilize their existing Oracle Adaptive Access Manager to its full potential. The Company also needed to meet government regulations for reporting standards and required OAAM to help them accurately produce these reports.