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[February 1, 2024] – We are proud to announce Zirous was selected as Delivery Partner of the Year from RainFocus, a testament to our joint contributions and partnership. 

The Innovation Awards recognize industry leaders and their unmatched efforts to drive impactful results for their customers. To be considered an award winner, nominees must have a solid understanding of attendees to create better experiences, innovate and have a forward-thinking use of the RainFocus platform, make good use of data and insights to understand, pivot, and improve events, merge offline and online efforts to grow the company and events, or demonstrate efficiency improvements such as saving time or resources.

Brandon Schulte, VP of Marketing Technology Services at Zirous, accepted the award on Zirous behalf stating, “We are honored that our partner, RainFocus, recognized our company as an Innovation Award winner. We have the privilege of working with some of the top companies in the world to create best-in-class events powered by the RainFocus platform. It’s so rewarding to be with clients as they begin planning their event, then be involved in the implementation, integration, and promotion of the event and finally being with them as they are able to execute the perfect event. We can’t wait to build on our partnership in 2024.”

“The award winners are some of the most distinguished brands and these recognitions are a testament to the success they have when it comes to “Amplifying Impact,” this year’s theme at INSIGHT,” said JR Sherman, CEO at RainFocus. “We are proud of Zirous and look forward to seeing how they will use the platform in the future to drive meaningful and impactful results.”

The Innovation Award highlights Zirous’ outstanding role in ensuring a smooth transition to RainFocus’ platform for clientele. By leveraging its deep technical expertise in integrated marketing automation platforms, Zirous has played a pivotal role in enabling real-time event experiences that inform sales and marketing campaigns while driving personalization at scale.

The recognition not only symbolizes Zirous’ commitment to innovation but also signifies a powerful synergy between the two organizations, where technology and customer-centric approaches converge to create transformative event experiences.

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About Zirous

Zirous is a technology firm founded in 1986, boasting over 35+ years of expertise in delivering innovative solutions to empower organizations. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Zirous helps clients leverage the latest technologies to achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

About RainFocus

RainFocus is the next-generation event marketing platform built to capture and analyze unprecedented amounts of first-party data for exceptional events and optimized engagement throughout the customer journey. RainFocus powers flawless experiences with secure, scalable solutions to support the entire event lifecycle. The platform integrates with sales and marketing technologies, simplifying event registration, content management, and exhibitor activation across in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences, all from a single dashboard. Leveraging real-time data, RainFocus provides actionable insights to drive personalization, accelerate qualification and lead conversion, and close deals. For more information, visit

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