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The future of data management has arrived – Microsoft Fabric is revolutionizing how you access, oversee, and leverage data and insights. Unify all data sources and analytics systems into one unified, AI-driven platform. 

What is Microsoft Fabric? 

Microsoft Fabric is essentially your go-to analytics sidekick, finely tuned for businesses and data experts alike. From handling data science and real-time analytics to managing data storage without complicated provisioning, and data migration without requiring multiple copies of the same data, this platform takes a streamlined approach to deliver one unified solution. 

At its core, Fabric is designed with simplicity in mind. This user-friendly approach enables data professionals to concentrate on outcomes rather than grappling with the intricacies of the technology they employ. And the best part? It takes the headache out of deciphering how Synapse, Azure Data Factory and Power BI licensing plays together. 

Features in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools designed to seamlessly collaborate and function in union. 

#1 A comprehensive analytics platform

Every analytics project relies on multiple supporting systems, each with their own set of distinct sets of requirements. Piecemealing different vendor products can be time-intensive to make all of the purchasing decisions, technically challenging to learn, and financially inconvenient. This is where Microsoft Fabric can help.

Microsoft Fabric addresses the aforementioned issues by providing teams with a unified solution that includes a consistent user interface, architecture, and a diverse set of tools essential for data professionals to extract and present insights from data.  

 #2 Artificial intelligence

If you’re looking to fully tap into your data’s potential, Microsoft Fabric has Azure OpenAI already seamlessly integrated across all levels. This integration enables developers to utilize the capabilities of generative AI with customer data, supporting business users in their pursuit of easily uncovering insights. 

With Copilots integrated into all of Microsoft Fabric’s data environment, users can leverage conversational language to:

  • Craft dataflows and pipelines
  • Generate code and complete functions
  • Visualize outcomes

Users have the ability to craft their own personalized conversational language, depending on their preferences.

#3 Streamlining capacities for cost efficiency

Fabric creates a unified and consolidated computing pool for all tasks, driving cost savings and optimizing efficiency through the effective shared utilization of resources across various workloads. This eliminates the often wasted computing capacity that can add up when combining multiple products across various environments. 

Learn more about Microsoft Fabric features in our Data Wonderland: A Winter Workshop with Microsoft Fabric with Zirous.

Microsoft Fabric Components

Data Engineering:

Within Fabric, data engineering allows users to create, build, and upkeep Lakehouse and Warehouse infrastructures, facilitating easily accessible, organized, and clean data. Design data pipelines, leverage Spark for batch or streaming processes, and use notebooks in the language of your choice to ingest, prep, and transform your data in a synergized fashion across your organization.

Data Factory:

Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric offers modern data integration, letting you transform data from diverse sources swiftly. Dataflows offer AI-powered, low-code transformations. Data pipelines orchestrate all of your data activities for automated workflows that fit your business use cases.  Fast Copy allows quick data movement between stores, crucial for analytics in your Lakehouse and Data Warehouse.

Data Science:

Fabric provides a suite of data science tools and experiences that allow users to explore, enrich, and execute data science workflows, helping to unlock valuable business insights. Machine learning predicted values can be written back to OneLake and sent to Power BI reports using Power BI Direct Lake mode. Data Science in Microsoft Fabric was built with the data science lifecycle in mind.

Data Warehouse:

Microsoft Fabric offers a unified SaaS platform for data, analytics, and AI, centered on open and lake-centric solutions. This eliminates the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing the underlying infrastructure while delivering performance at scale. It caters to all user levels, stores structured and unstructured data, and supports virtual warehouses by creating shortcuts (not copies) of data from virtually any data source. The shared SaaS experience, anchored by Microsoft OneLake, is standardized on delta parquet format enabling ACID transactions and allowing data to be used across all available compute engines Fabric has to offer.

Power BI:

Power BI transforms varied data sources into engaging insights and powerful visuals. Now with Power BI in Microsoft Fabric, connecting to OneLake with Direct Lake mode means your Power BI visuals can have great performance and response time, without data latency or a need for scheduled or triggered data refreshes. Copilot in Power BI (Preview) allows for conversational AI to create visuals and summarize insights for you. Fabric is included for Power BI Premium capacity customers, and they can enable the Fabric tenant within the admin portal. 

Real-Time Analytics:

When your use cases require insights in an instant, Real-Time Analytics simplifies data integration and provisioning, performs automatic indexing and partitioning, and on-demand queries with visuals. Scale effortlessly as your data needs grow, allowing you to focus on your analytics solutions.


Looking to dive deeper? Learn more about our Data Wonderland: A Winter Workshop with Microsoft Fabric with Zirous.

As a Microsoft partner, Zirous is offering a complimentary discovery session on Microsoft Fabric – Data Wonderland: A Winter Workshop with Microsoft Fabric. 

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