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Your business is not a cookie-cutter duplicate of another. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, there are business processes that make your business unique. More frequently, companies are facing both different and increasingly complex issues. Often, companies will attempt to take an out-of-the-box programming solution and make it work for their general practices but find that it falls short of their expectations. They may be forced to change their business practices to fit in with the solution. With custom development, your system is designed with YOUR business practices in mind, not the other way around. Conversely, maybe your business has been around for a long time and you have a diverse amount of computer platforms and multiple standalone systems that do not communicate well with each other. In this situation, a custom development solution also shines.

From this blog you will see the many benefits to seeking out a custom development solution.

Independence with Custom Development

If you choose to go with an out-of-the-box solution, you need to take the time to deal with and communicate with that software vendor. If you find issues with that solution, you are reliant upon that vendor to try and fix things in a timely fashion. With a custom solution, you can quickly fix any issues that arise and are not dependent on someone else. You don’t have to worry about any future price changes with a monthly subscription. Plus, the flexibility and option to add functionality.

Custom Development Enables More Efficient Processes

By using custom development as your solution, you can tailor the solution to fit your needs which increases efficiency and productivity. You aren’t changing your existing business processes to try and adapt to the provided solution. This saves time and money as retraining for employees is greatly reduced. There aren’t extra pieces or steps in the process which could slow down response times.

Custom-tailored to Your Business Needs

With custom-developed solutions, you can give a personalized experience to your users or customers as well as address the unique needs of your business. Usually, out-of-the-box options match about 75-80% of the needs of a particular business. What about the other 20-25%? With a third-party solution, companies face changing their business practices to match their solution or wasting money on pricey customizations to make it work with your existing practices. With custom development, you have:

  • Include all aspects of your business rolled into one application instead of using multiple different applications for different processes.
  • Easily meet any compliance standards necessary, which can end up being very precise and subject to change.
  • Automate tasks that are currently done manually to save on time and expense.
  • Flexibility in adding future additional features as you can do it on your timetable and design and implement it however you choose.

Integrating Existing Systems and Applications

As mentioned above, with an out-of-the-box solution, you may be limited in what you can integrate with. If you choose a custom solution instead, you can avoid this barrier. You can also use existing authentication platforms with your custom development solution to have greater flexibility and control over users and require one less password for your users to remember. By being able to integrate with these systems your processes will be more streamlined.


As your business grows, your processes will inevitably become more complex. With a third-party solution, it may advertise scalability but in practice, you may find that it may not provide the flexibility needed as your business expands beyond the scope initially defined. With a custom solution, you can scale your application as needed. You will also not be required to cover additional costs for licensing or pay for any subscriptions required to get additional features, especially if those additional features come bundled with extra features you may not even need to use.

The Right Partner

Why Zirous for your custom development endeavor? Zirous has 35+ years of experience in the constantly changing technological landscape. We have provided a wide variety of custom development and integration solutions using varied technologies. We have the expertise and experience to listen to your needs as a company and suggest the best solution that will improve processes and provide a great return on investment. We can help provide a solution that grows as your company does. Reach out, we love a challenge.

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