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Those that know me well know I’m not very active on any social platforms. Some would say that’s because I’m a private person while others may think I don’t have anything interesting to say. Yet, as I celebrate my 20 year anniversary at Zirous, I’d be remiss not to recognize this moment.

This would be a very long post if I named everyone who had an influence in my career at Zirous, yet I have to single out a few. First I must thank my family, Jill, Matt, Luke, Maya, my parents, and sisters, for all the support. Next it’s Steve, Doyle, Dave, Brett, Mike, and Elias who I have known and had the privilege to work with beyond my 20 years at Zirous. Followed by all the staff at Zirous, past, current, and future – all have left a mark. Then it’s our customers and technology partners, the vast majority of whom have been rewarding to work with. I often say all our customers are great – and joke that it’s instead a technology partner or two who has caused me occasional grief. Finally, it’s the friends I’ve had the privilege to get to know.

I’ve watched and listened to all of you and stored nuggets of knowledge away for future decisions. It may be something my dad said to me as a kid or something one of our new grads just mentioned. All of it ruminating in my head, waiting for the moment I can use the wisdom.

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you have 20 more years?”, I responded, “Yes, I hope to live another 20.” Although I don’t expect to be at Zirous in 20 years, I do hope the next 20 bring me as much enjoyment as the past 20.

Thanks to all of you!

Mike McDermott, CEO

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