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Simplified SSO for Enterprise Applications

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) allows users of your applications or IT systems to log-in once and gain access to a broad range of IT resources.
OAM provides an identity management and access control system that is shared by all your applications. The result is a centralized and automated single sign-on solution for managing who has access to what information across your entire IT infrastructure.

To enhance the overall experience of users accessing Enterprise applications, companies desire a simplified solution for authenticating users. Providing users with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities not only enhances the user’s experience, it also simplifies account administration, improves compliance, and increases application security. As the only certified SSO solution for EBS, Oracle Access Manager is at the core of the model. Once implemented, OAM will provide seamless access into your Oracle or Enterprise applications. Other protected web applications, whether third party or internally developed, will also be accessible with the system. Internal users would only provide login credentials to their desktop as Windows Native Authentication works behind the scenes to authenticate the user with OAM. This allows OAM to authorize the user’s access to the protected applications.

Key Features of Simplified SSO:

  • Simplified Web Single Sign-On (SSO) for your organization
  • Certified Solution for your Oracle Applications
  • Native Password Management
  • Windows Native Authentication
  • Comprehensive Auditing and Logging

Included in the Solution:

  • Zirous Implementation
  • Oracle Access Manager

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