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As an Application Developer at Zirous, daily challenges in my work are a given. But one challenge in particular was showing up fairly often during my work on Oracle Fusion solutions. This particular challenge is changing the BPEL process name, or the composite name in a project. Further, this is to change the way it gets displayed in the Enterprise Manager dashboard. This is important for reviewing and supporting the integration. It needs to be unique enough and descriptive enough for both business and support users to recognize quickly.

The need to change these names arose for two different reasons among two Service Oriented Architecture clients here at Zirous. At the first, the client had decided on a name when initial development began years ago. Fast-forward to present day and the client has decided that that name needs to change to better function in their business. At the second client, the company did not specify the name in the documentation and as a development team we named them appropriately. As development progressed, the client decided that changes to the names were necessary. In both cases, the goal remained the same.

In older versions of JDeveloper there was a ‘quick fix’ for developers that unfortunately does not exist any longer. So, as necessity breeds invention, I have found some steps to create a button that will accomplish this same step for developers. I’ve used this process on the two client Service Oriented Architecture projects we discussed above and have seen great results in both. Prior to finding this workaround developers would need to recreate a project with correctly named composite and BPEL processes and then copy over the code from the old project. This proved to be an extremely tedious task that was also prone to errors. The linked workaround had saved me a lot of time and headaches when needing to make these changes, and I hope it will do the same for fellow developers.

Linked here is a great post from Sebastian Krueger with a series of steps to be followed that achieves the goal discussed above. Will you use this work-around? Let us know what other challenges you encounter while developing.

 (Disclaimer: This process will only work on composites with BPEL processes and not on ones with Mediator components. That could probably be achieved similarly with a new script, but typically mediator is easy to recreate so I did not bother with that. It will still rename the project containing your mediator component for you but you will have to manually modify the inner contents of the project.)


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