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Zirous Solution: Mortgage Payment Startup

This Mortgage Payment Startup Company serves as the glue between various mortgage resources. Previously, the Company’s process included cutting actual checks for these transactions. As highlighted above, this action poses the risk of fraud, takes time, costs money and can be a downright hassle.

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A Few Java ‘Gotchas’ to Watch Out For

It is hard to believe I have been working on Java code for over ten years. I remember getting started in Java working on JSPs or Java Server Pages and Servlets which included putting scriptlets in my JSPs. Later on, I learned how that was frowned upon by true Java programmers. As we develop our Java skills we learn from senior team members as well as from books and blogs we read. Today, we are going to go over some ‘Java gotchas’ and how to avoid them.

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5 Tools Every Developer Should Know

To be an effective developer you need to be organized, and you need to be efficient.  These are 5 tools I use on a regular basis to help plan my day, communicate effectively, and code efficiently. If you find yourself bogged down by your busy workload, try one of these to streamline your workflow.

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