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Stacking Oracle engineered systems and hardware with Oracle software allows your business to receive a simplified solution that is both centrally managed and serviced. This Complete Oracle Solutions infrastructure benefits customers that require a low cost and low maintenance solution. With the Oracle on Oracle solution the customer will realize the cost savings, performance ability, simplicity and scalability that this model will bring to their business. IT managers are hoping to increase storage efficiency, performance and speed with little to no growth in their annual budget. Luckily, the value of Oracle on Oracle, or Complete Solutions is unmatched.

Within the Real Estate industry, lenders, title companies, buyers sellers and vendors need to comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s regulations. When dealing with Escrow, all parties need to ensure security and effective communication, which can be extremely difficult between a handful of parties. There needs to be an effective way to mitigate fraud and integrate alert mechanisms into the real estate transaction process.

This Mortgage Payment Startup Company addresses the above issue of securing the transactions between all parties involved in a real estate transaction. The Company has created a software environment that let’s participants complete a four-way reconciliation which identifies irregularities and any points of misallocation of funds.

Company Challenges:

This Mortgage Payment Startup Company serves as the glue between various mortgage resources. Previously, the Company’s process included cutting actual checks for these transactions. As highlighted above, this action poses the risk of fraud, takes time, costs money and can be a downright hassle.

Solution Details:

Zirous provided the Company with a full-on Oracle solution that included:

  • Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 (ODA)
  • Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM)
  • Oracle/Sun x86 Servers
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
  • Oracle WebLogic Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle HTTP Server

This list provides simplicity, as well as a highly available solution for the Company. Most importantly, Zirous’ Complete Oracle Solutions model was able to allow the company to completely automate the system of processing the electronic mortgage payments, making this system faster, more efficient and extremely cost effective.

A few key points within this solution include the option for scalability. Since they are a start-up, the Company required room for their company to grow. They will need the flexibility to process even more electronic payments in a given time. Zirous provided them with the ultimate in flexible solutions, for as low a cost as possible. Uniquely leveraging the ODA as storage for this implementation, Zirous was able to ensure this solution cost only a third of an average infrastructure environment. If needed in a larger environment, Oracle ZFS, Virtual Compute Appliance or Oracle Exadata are great options for expanded storage.

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