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If you have ever had to make an application before, then you have probably struggled through writing one from scratch or using a program to make one that only mostly fits your needs. Oracle Application Express is a web service that falls in the middle of those options. It is easily customizable to what exactly is needed, but also comes with pre-programmed pieces to get things started. With most app development, developers will have to be knowledgeable in many programs to get the solution they need. Oracle Application Express takes care of that problem by making it so that developers only need to know a couple programming languages and how to use the web service.

What is Oracle Application Express?

It is likely that you have heard of Oracle before, but what about Oracle Application Express? Oracle Application Express has actually been around for a long time, but it has had many different names. In its current version, Oracle Application Express, or Oracle APEX, is a web-based software tool that can be used to make web applications. This web service makes it easy to make web applications that fit what you need and can be available anywhere.  It is included with Oracle Databases, and on some versions, it is installed by default. There are many ways to get started with Oracle APEX, which ensures that there is a solution for everyone. Whether the application needs to be simple or complex, Oracle APEX can be made to fit their requirements. Using PL/SQL, application developers can create displays that are unique to what they need. Oracle APEX gives developers an option that gets them right into the essentials of building their application from the start.

Why use Oracle APEX?

There are many reasons that Oracle APEX can be the solution developers are looking for when making web applications. One reason is that it is a low-code web app development environment. This makes it quick and easy for developers to make complex applications. The web application comes with an application design already in place, allowing developers to get the application up quicker by focusing only on what they need the application to do. A lot of functionality comes pre-programmed, ready to be customized to fit your needs. If they do not have the items that are needed for the app, then there is the option to build their own. There are third-party libraries that can be used to save more time and money. After installing these pre-done customized items, they can be used to make the application even more unique to your needs. Another benefit is that along with being low-code, it is low cost. Running Oracle APEX can be done with no cost by having an Oracle Database license or using the free Oracle Database. There is even a way to run Oracle APEX without using Oracle Database. Oracle allows you to sign up for an Oracle APEX workspace for free. This means that on top of it being completely customizable, anyone can use it. An additional advantage of Oracle APEX is that it is a web service. By being a web service, it can be accessed anywhere. It offers more accessibility because building and using the published application are all online.

What can Oracle APEX be used for?

As I said before, Oracle APEX gives developers the ability to make the application their own. With many options pre-prepared, it is easy to pull the data you want using their application structures. If the pre-prepared theme and items do not meet your needs, then the web service does give you the option to create your own theme and items that go on the page. Oracle APEX gives you the option to fully customize the application to the extent that you need. There is no limit to what you can do with your web application because of the option to create your own items. Because the most common way that people get Oracle APEX is by having their data in an Oracle Database, it is very common to see tutorials on creating reports and pages that show graphs. But there is also the option to have forms and tables that can be searched through. There are so many options already built into Oracle APEX that it can be made into anything you could need.

How can you learn about using Oracle APEX?

While Oracle APEX may not be widely known, it has a lot of resources for learning to use the web service. Oracle has a page on the Oracle APEX website full of tutorials that can be done to learn the most common uses from the beginning of the process. There are many tutorials on YouTube that walk through how to make a complete application. One example that shows the complexities that Oracle APEX is capable of while also being simple to do is Oracle Application Express’ Movie Application tutorial. They take movie information from IMDB and upload it to their application. Using pre-built options, they are able to make charts and reports about the data. They even make a searchable database that shows movie posters and can be filtered by year, genre, production company, etc. The application made can really be anything you want. Another way to learn about Oracle APEX is the large community online. They can be used to find solutions to problems, whether it is one you are fully coding or just using what Oracle APEX provides. The web service itself is also a resource. When you are building your application, there is a screen that is always there to tell you what an option does, and how you might use it. You will be continuing to learn while creating the application that you need. When first learning how to use the web service, it is easy to keep everything simple. And as you continue learning how to best use Oracle APEX, it is still simple to use. Oracle APEX works to give developers a web service that meets their needs and has resources to continue to make it their own. 

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