What Good is Data if You Can't USE It?

For 30 years we've been working with data in order to help our customers solve their business challenges. During this time we've realized that data isn't very valuable unless the business owners can both access and understand the data to make informed decisions. If you are ready to stop using spreadsheets to make those decisions, we can help.


Your Stage in the journey

We help you from start to finish, from understanding your specific business initiative to quickly architecting the proper solution. In this way we are able to provide you the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

Because we build your solution in a Big Data environment, there are only weeks of waiting time, not months.

Why a "Big Data" Environment for Data Analytics?

  • Speed to Market - A Big Data platform can be ready within a couple weeks, not months.

  • Flexible Data Aggregation - We combine your data for business purposes, not operational. And the way it's combined can be updated or changed at any time!

  • Stores All Types of Data - Weblogs, clickstream, social sentiment, pdfs, transactions. You name it, Big Data can store it.

  • The "Big" in Big Data - Not only can you efficiently store massive amounts of data in a cost-effective manner, there is no analytics code that Big Data can't handle. Scale up power for large predictive models, and scale down when you don't need it.