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equipping all users
with data confidence
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Gartner rates poor data literacy as one of the top roadblocks to creating a data-driven culture. Only 21% of the global workforce is fully confident in their data literacy skills (Qlik), and that shouldn’t come as a surprise when you think of how few are formally trained to interpret graphs, charts, and statistics. In fact, only 10% of high schoolers complete a statistics course (Freakonomics).

data literacy [dey-tuh / lit-er-uh-see]
the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data

It is vital to expand data literacy beyond data science and technical roles if your organization wants to enable self-service analytics and ignite a culture of embracing data — and know that your users can effectively turn that now-accessible data into the correct insights.

Turning confidence into business value.

The z|Academy Data Literacy program introduces business users, decision makers, and more to the fundamentals of “speaking data.” We’ll cover the basics of statistics, how to read and interpret graphs and dashboards, how to intelligently question your data and its results, and how to effectively communicate your new-found insights to show business value and gain buy-in.

Ready to get to know your data a little better?

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