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Cloud Adoption

The Cloud Adoption Journey: Beyond the Technology

Cloud adoption is so much more than technology. In this e-book, we compile experience and world-renowned research to dive into what makes a truly successful cloud adoption strategy. (After all, 75% of cloud migrations fail in some capacity.) Are you on the path to success?

Cloud Consulting Solution

Catalyst: A Superior Cloud Adoption Methodology

Finding the right cloud adoption strategy for your company and its specific strengths, weaknesses, and needs is a large undertaking. Our Catalyst assessment is the first step in understanding exactly what’s needed for a successful migration and laying out the strategy and roadmap to cloud adoption nirvana.

Cloud & Croissants

What’s true in tech one day may not be the next. Your time and energy is focused on the day-to-day projects at hand, and when those projects revolve around infrastructure that’s outdated or limited, your team can become frustrated. Let us make it easier for you with a free educational breakfast session.

Workshop: Kickstart Cloud

Not everyone is ready for cloud. If you’re trying to get your team on board, we’re here to help you. Zirous’ Kickstart Cloud workshop is designed to confront an organization’s concerns and roadblocks preventing them from their journey to the cloud with actionable plans to address each of them.

Cloud Consultant

Your Cloud Journey: Why You Need a Cloud Adoption Partner

Seventy-five percent of cloud adoptions fail. Why? A lack of expertise, strategy & planning, time & investment, and training & mentoring. Forbes said it well: “It is impossible for people to create a thorough, comprehensive cloud implementation plan when they haven’t done it before.”

Benefits of Cloud

The Benefits of Cloud — And the Challenges to Optimize Them

Nothing worth having comes easy, right? Cloud is no different. It offers a myriad of attractive benefits to organizations, like agility, flexibility, scalability, and cost optimization to name a few. But implementing cloud and fully leveraging its benefits isn’t a piece of cake. Luckily, we know you can still make it happen.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Success Story: Reducing Risk and Increasing Efficiency

Zirous assisted a state government agency in the strategic decision and execution to migrate to the cloud. They faced high costs, outdated and out-of-warranty hardware, outdated operating systems, and security risks, which created the threat of their electronic filing system (EFS) — the heart of their business — failing.

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