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Kickstart Cloud workshop: KICKSTART
Kickstart Cloud Workshop Graphic overcome cloud challenges

Zirous’ Kickstart Cloud workshop is designed to confront an organization’s concerns and roadblocks preventing them from their journey to the cloud with actionable plans to address each of them. The workshop consists of interactive sessions to prepare participants for the transition to a cloud-based organization. Participants are challenged to think outside of their role and assess how cloud will impact each area of the business. Attendees are encouraged to be open and willing to dive into the possibilities of the cloud.

Who’s it for?

This workshop is for any organization that:

  • Is curious about how cloud can impact their business
  • Wants to introduce cloud into their infrastructure strategy
  • Needs to convince their biggest cloud skeptics
  • Seeks a plan of action to jump start their cloud strategy

What can we expect?

The approach walks customers through the following steps:

  • Identify concerns, gaps, and blockers to cloud adoption
  • Help stakeholders recognize that their concerns, gaps, and blockers are common across organizations — but often can be quickly and easily addressed
  • Categorize and prioritize the challenges for action
  • Ensure that customers develop and walk away with a sanctioned action plan and next steps designed to address and mitigate any concerns, gaps, and blockers

What’s involved?

Two hours of time and people. This workshop works best with leaders and decision makers from all areas of the business, as cloud adoption will eventually reach the whole organization. We aim to have around 15 to 25 people in the workshop so that different perspectives from all areas are heard. Without them, there may be missing pieces to the puzzle or delayed action to get those people on board and excited about cloud.

What do we get?

Clarity. Or, at the very least, a plan to find clarity. The journey to the cloud can be full of unknowns and roadblocks; this workshop is designed to address them head-on, define a plan to find solutions, and get you started on your cloud adoption journey.

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