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Start your cloud migration
on the right foot.
Zirous' Cloud Adoption Catalyst assessment
reviews your applications, processes, and business
needs to ensure your cloud migration is on track
(no matter what stage of the journey you’re in),
providing the smoothest, most efficient move possible.

Your comprehensive assessment to lay the foundation of a successful cloud migration.

Who’s it for?Cloud Migration Catalyst Logo

Catalyst is for any organization that:

  • Sees cloud as more than just a buzzword
  • Wants to modernize infrastructure, reduce capital cost, and/or minimize continual hardware lifecycle management
  • Seeks to allow IT staff to focus on business development and growth rather than operational management
  • Wants to reduce infrastructure delivery time and accelerate deployment capabilities

What can we expect?

Catalyst will empower you to launch a culture of cloud adoption throughout every level and department of your organization. You can expect the details to matter, but not at the expense of the big picture. You can expect insightful questions and discussions from seasoned professionals. Your business leaders, IT ninjas, and tactical warriors will learn from each other as we holistically study your processes. We’ll make sure the right brains are in the room at the right times.

What do we get?

As a takeaway from Catalyst, we’ll develop a Cloud Adoption Strategy & Roadmap, which includes recommended cloud hosting platform(s) and target state cloud architecture diagrams. Zirous will account for your current state and future goals, and we’ll lay out the roadmap to get you started with confidence. Catalyst is the strategic foundation to make cloud computing your reality.

Cloud Migration Catalyst Assessment Roadmap: Identity and Access Management

Understand today. Conduct a detailed assessment of your current processes, systems, applications, and infrastructure.

Identify missing links. Diagnose barriers between your current state and the ultimate goal of achieving cloud computing.

Define the course of action. Understand your next steps with our Cloud Adoption Strategy & Roadmap.

What’s next?

Our vision for your organization is exciting, but it may also seem a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, because our client engagements are typically multi-phase projects that ensure successful cloud adoption with tangible impact. Following Catalyst, your organization will be able to leverage the Cloud Adoption Strategy & Roadmap created just for you! We help our clients grow their value, maturity, and complexity for as long as it makes sense for them. Over 74% of our engagements from this past year have already renewed or extended.

Ready to get started? Want to learn more straight from the source?

Reach out and we’ll be in touch within a couple business days.

Cloud Migration Catalyst Overview

Want even more?

Download the full Catalyst overview for an example plan and timeline, discussion and assessment points, more on Zirous’ cloud adoption approach, cloud hosting platform selection, and insight into the contents of a Cloud Adoption Strategy & Roadmap report.

Cloud Migration Ready: Technology + Business + Process
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