Improving Your Business Process

All you need is Zirous

At Zirous, we're a lucky group of professionals. We've provided IT Solutions to our customers for 30 years. Our ultimate goal is to improve our customer's business process by leveraging cutting edge technologies.

We aim to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability with:

In order to make that happen, we've partnered with some great companies. Read more about them!

We'll Help You Transition to the Cloud

Staying ahead of the technology curve is important in our business, that's why we're all in on Cloud. Clients are finding great cost savings in transitioning to the Cloud. Let Zirous help you make this transition a smooth one. 

Zirous can assist your company with:

  • Backup in the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
  • Development and Test Environments in the Cloud
  • Reducing Overhead by Utilizing the Cloud
  • Big Data in the Cloud

The Final Piece to Your Big Data Strategy

BIG DATA. It doesn’t always have to be big or daunting, but it needs to be smart. For 30 years we've been working with data in order to help our customers solve their IT business challenges. Today, we're realizing that every department of an organization can leverage this data to make strategic decisions.

Zirous has the ability to provide you with everything you need to start harnessing this data - beginning with your purpose of the solution. We've got the process, the platform and, most importantly, the people. Let’s transform how you do business. Together, we’ll turn your data into dollars. 

Complete Oracle Solutions

As an Oracle Software and Hardware reseller and a Platinum Partner with Oracle, Zirous has emerged as a national leader for Oracle consulting services. In 2001, Zirous dedicated much of it's practice to Oracle’s technologies which, in return, has made us an invaluable asset to companies looking for a high level of commitment and expertise in this area. As a staff, Zirous has over 1,500,000 hours implementing Oracle for our clients.

Our Oracle offerings include:

  • Software Sales
  • Hardware Sales
  • Oracle Cloud Services
  • Oracle Identity Management Suite 
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Enterprise Content Management
  • Infrastructure Implementation and Configuration
  • Oracle/Sun Hardware Installation and Configuration

Let's Build the Infrastructure of Your Dreams

Choosing between a Cloud or an On Premise solution? Perhaps you're trying to determine whether your solution requires Oracle, Hortonworks, EMC, Microsoft or Splunk technologies.

Zirous is able to offer your business the guidance and services to get your infrastructure configured quickly and correctly so that your solution is up and running in no time and make sure it follows best practices.

Everyone Needs A Great Wingman

In order to provide our customers with state of the art technology solutions, we've partnered with some great companies:

  • Oracle
  • Hortonworks
  • EMC
  • Microsoft
  • Splunk

These partnerships provide the necessary foundational tools which allow Zirous' solutions to make a big impact on your business.