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The Time for Cloud Migration is Now

It wasn’t long ago that companies were asking themselves if they should move to the cloud. Now, it’s who, what, when, where, and how. The benefits of cloud computing — and therefore the cloud adoption and migration processes to achieve it — are plentiful and Zirous can help you reap the benefits. Our experts provide cloud migration services to help you with the who, what, when, where, and hows of cloud migration. From cloud migration assessments to implementation Zirous has the perfect strategy for your company. 

Cloud migration benefits: capacity

The flexibility of the cloud allows you to utilize the capacity you
actually need. Worry no longer about running out of space and rushing to spin up another server.

Cloud computing benefits: security

Shared Security
With giants like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle at your side, your cloud security is monitored by millions and supported by thousands rather than resting on your shoulders alone.

Cloud computing benefits: accessibility

The cloud can be accessed from anywhere. With a secure internet connection, your team can get to work without the inconveniences of remote desktops and VPNs.

Cloud adoption benefits: culture of experimentation

Culture of Experimentation
Due to its flexibility and lower cost, cloud offers your company a culture of experimentation by providing a low-cost avenue for research and development.

Cloud adoption benefits: strategic staff

Strategic Focus
Maintaining on-premises hardware can be a huge job. Let someone else do it so your team can focus on strategic initiatives and achieving your company’s goals.

From simple lift-and-shifts to more advanced cloud migration adoption projects like replatforming, refactoring, or rebuilding, Zirous has the cloud migration services that fit your needs. Our partnerships and certifications with AWS (Select Partnership), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud (Gold Partnership) allow us to find the perfect fit for your organization and implement cloud migration tools seamlessly.

Zirous can help you navigate around the storms.

Cloud migration services roadmap. Step one Catalyst. Step two Foundation. Step three Structure. Step four Pinnacle.

Multi cloud migration projects are large undertakings, and a proper course should be established before jumping in. Zirous cloud migration services always begin with our Cloud Adoption Catalyst. This assessment lets your team and our cloud experts work closely together to determine the right course of action for your specific situation before getting started with a full-blown cloud migration project. 

Catalyst will offer a senior-level business analyst and senior-level technical resource to ensure every detail of both the technical and business sides of your cloud migration are attended to. As a result from Catalyst, your organization will receive a Cloud Adoption Strategy & Roadmap containing recommended cloud hosting platform(s) and target state cloud architecture diagrams.

In the Foundation phase of your implementation, we’ll lay the groundwork for your successful cloud migration. This might include physical to virtual migration, simplified provisioning, security, management and monitoring, backups, and more. The next phase, Structure, focuses on the process improvement, standardization, best practices, and automation capabilities within your organization. Finally, the Pinnacle phase is the peak of the implementation. This phase varies for every company, but think of it as reaching your company’s ultimate cloud goals. (And if you don’t have any set yet, we can help you with that, too!)

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Migrate your applications to the cloud seamlessly.

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Become more agile through scalability and flexibility.

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Achieve your long-term business goals faster.


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