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Begin your journey to a
more secure future.
Zirous' Governance Catalyst assessment
reviews your applications, processes, and business
needs to ensure your identity and access management
are on track to provide you your safest, most secure
future possible.

Your comprehensive assessment to begin the journey
to a safer, more secure future.

Who’s it for?

Catalyst is for any organization that:

  • Understands the importance of securing user access
  • Looks to gain efficiencies by automating user lifecycle management processes for new hires, terminations, job transfers, and more
  • Has a strong desire to streamline and automate audit and compliance processes
  • Sees the value of centralizing user access information from disparate systems
Governance Catalyst Logo

What can we expect?

Catalyst will launch the beginnings of a cross-business collaboration to understand current state Identity and Access Management business processes and future state Identity and Access Management business needs. You can expect insightful questions and discussions to challenge your current state and identify ways to build a robust Identity and Access Management practice for your organization. Your application owners, business leaders, security team, and IT ninjas will collaborate to create updated solutions for outdated business processes. You can rest assured that our experienced professionals will be there to guide you along the way to ensure your organization has a more secure future.

What do we get?

As a takeaway from Catalyst your organization will receive an Identity and Access Management strategy and roadmap to lead you to an automated and secure future. Catalyst is the strategic foundation to building an advanced Identity and Access Management practice area.

Cloud Migration Catalyst Assessment Roadmap: Identity and Access Management

Understand today. Conduct an assessment of your organization’s current state IAM processes. Understanding how your organization operates today will help Zirous identify areas for improvement.

Identify missing links. Diagnose barriers and complete an analysis of your current state and desired future state. Understanding your organization’s goals for the future allows Zirous to pave the road to an advanced IAM Practice.

Define the course of action. Deliver an IAM strategy and roadmap by understanding what’s important to your organization. Your personalized roadmap will help your organization easily understand when to plan for business changes and when you will achieve your IAM solution goals.

What’s next?

We have an exciting vision for your organization, but you may be unsure of what to expect and what’s next. Have no worries, because this is something we have successfully completed time and time again. Coming out of Catalyst we will provide your organization with an Identity and Access Management strategy, which includes detailed IAM requirements, a thorough gap analysis, and an implementation roadmap that follows our phase-based approach. This IAM strategy provides a clear vision of current state and future state in an easy-to-consume plan. Partnering with Zirous allows your organization to leverage our expertise to facilitate change and secure your organization’s future.

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