Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a unified platform for integrating and monitoring business transactions and business processes across on-premise, cloud and Business-to-Business applications. At Zirous, we believe that SOA, simply put, means integration. Zirous employs a full time staff that comprise our SOA practice area, so you know the people you're working with have a deep understanding of the products within the Oracle SOA Suite.

Some of the most common business scenarios for SOA are:

  • Unifying Processes for Data and
    Stateful Transactions
  • Stateless High Volume Secure Routing
  • Large Transaction Transformations
  • Business Users Setting Business Rules
  • Integration Governance
  • Cloud implementations with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
  • Application to Application Integrations
  • Business to Business Integrations
  • Workflow and User Interactions
  • Real Time Event Processing and Monitoring


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Service Oriented Architecture

Our additional Oracle offerings include:

  • Software Sales
  • Hardware Sales
  • Oracle Cloud Services
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Enterprise Content Management
  • Infrastructure Implementation and Configuration
  • Oracle/Sun Hardware Installation and Configuration


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