Improving Your Business Process

All you need is Zirous

At Zirous, we're a lucky group of professionals. We've provided IT Solutions to our customers for 30 years. Our ultimate goal is to improve our customer's business process by leveraging cutting edge technologies.

We aim to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.

How Can We Help?

Identity and Access Management

Control the security of your company data and applications. Automate who accesses what, both internally and externally.


Big Data

Use it or lose it? Your business data can tell a story. We'll help you capture, store and, most importantly, harness this data.



Our partnerships provide the foundation. Zirous provides the impactful solutions.

Service Oriented Architecture

Provide your employees with a single point of access and monitoring for company-wide, disparate applications. Integration has never been easier. 



Any data project requires the right foundation. Make sure your solution has the best of breed systems backing it up 24/7. 



Prove to your executives that your business initiatives are working! Find and present valuable data and begin to understand data-based decisions. 


Cloud Solutions

Simple access to business applications, lower operational costs, automatic disaster recovery. Sound good? Cloud may be for you.