How good is data if you can't use it to make decisions?

At Zirous, our foundation was built by enabling businesses to run more efficiently through succinct processes and tools. Because of this, we are able to guide you through the steps needed to collect, aggregate, and visualize the measurements you need for business insights, all in a secured and integrated manner.

We are technology agnostic, which means we have experience in ALL of the following areas :

  • Oracle data management, integration, and visualization
  • SQL data management and the Microsoft stack of products
  • Hadoop via Hortonworks packaged tools

Because of this, we are able to provide the best solution for your business based on your unique infrastructure and skill set.


State Employment Department: ORACLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE 11G

This State Employment Department identified the need to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to help them report this multi-tiered and detailed data to the Department of Labor. The Department was looking for an EDW and Reporting solution that would enable them to integrate data from the many transactional systems they use to manage the widespread diversity of data that supports their mission. This data includes information about employed and unemployed individuals, and their associated demographics.

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