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For 30 years we've been working with data in order to help our customers solve their IT business challenges. Today, we're realizing that every department of an organization can leverage this data to make strategic decisions. Zirous has the ability to provide you with everything you need to start harnessing this data - beginning with your purpose for the solution. We've got the process, the platform and, most importantly, the people. Let’s transform how you do business. Together, we’ll turn your data into dollars. 

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What makes Zirous different?

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Where do you start? Zirous will take care of that tough question for you. Before any good Big Data solution comes a great Big Data purpose. Your initial Big Data project is typically something that is done to grab the low-hanging fruit. Meaning, the impact of the data should be great for the end user, while minimizing the impact on your current data process. Some examples could be a data lake, marketing optimization or integrating two data sets for more comprehensive reporting. Subsequent projects could live within multiple business units as the need for Big Data is visualized. New data integration from multiple business lines can facilitate predictive modeling, forecasting, multivariate testing and beyond. We’ll sit down with your project team and walk you through our interview-style discovery questions. These answers will help guide the scope of work to ensure your business will get the most out of your Big Data solution.


Behind every great solution is a well-oiled process. We’ll integrate our iterative process into your current one to ensure successful adoption. This will be done through active participation by both business and IT. We’ve already started on the most important step, discovery. From there, Zirous will architect your solution and begin to engineer it. We will organize the ingestion of data from all of your sources to the correct platform so your analysts can access it with familiar tools. Next, we’ll validate data processing efficiency, data consumption responsiveness and verify data integration. Together, we’ll analyze the data to discover patterns and generate actionable insights and even explore new data sources for future use.


Every Big Data solution requires a foundation of storage and speed for handling large amounts of data from multiple sources. Zirous will assist in selecting the correct platform and deploying the appropriate tools for your Big Data environment. By providing familiar access points for end users and utilizing training and mentoring, we will help ease the learning curve. Zirous can work with your employees to make sure they can utilize the tools they already know in order to drive user adoption. Zirous has built a strong foundation by partnering with EMC, Hortonworks, and Microsoft. Because of these partnerships, we’re going to provide you with everything you need for a great Big Data solution.


For over 30 years, Zirous has established its reputation for being an accomplished information technology and consulting company. We do this by hiring and retaining excellent technologists. We’ve dedicated an entire practice area to Big Data and have a team of Data Architects and Engineers, Hadoop Administrators and specialized Developers and Data Modelers to implement your Big Data solution. The Data Scientists at Zirous will help set up and mentor your analysts and engineers to query, analyze and visualize data that can substantially impact your business. Our team will collaborate with both your business and IT staff to fully understand your needs and achieve your goals. We’ve put together a responsibility roadmap because understanding the impact to your staff is critical for success. We realize proper planning is necessary to ensure a smooth roll out. We’ll guide you through the process of transitioning new responsibilities to your existing staff with hands-on training and mentoring. This way, you’ll be equipped with the skills necessary to manage your Big Data environment.

Ready to start leveraging your valuable business data and transform how you make decisions?  Reach out today and let us help you define purpose, process and platform. Our people are always part of the package!