The Big Data Journey

Where do you stand?

Do you know where your company is along the Big Data Journey? Understanding your current state is the first step in deciding what your purpose for a Big Data project will be.


 Take our short quiz for a detailed description of your current state and to discover potential next steps.

Elements for Success

No matter where you are within the evolution of Big Data, Zirous has the people, process, and platform to enable your successful navigation.

We start by helping you define a purpose - After all, what good is Big Data if you can't use it? By defining a smaller use-case that immediately impacts your business, Big Data becomes a much easier endeavor for everyone involved.

The Zirous process has been refined over 30 years in the data industry, as have our talented people. And as a reseller with Hortonworks, you can rest assured you will get the best suite of tools to store, manage and analyze your data.

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