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Every year, the world becomes more data-rich and interconnected, and leaders within the financial services industry are paying attention. In fact, 84 percent of enterprises believe those without an analytics strategy risk losing their competitive edge.

Awareness is important, of course, but unless accompanied by action, companies will continue to see the full potential of their data go unrealized. That’s where integration and automation solutions come in. These tools can help financial firms streamline data governance, improve compliance and customer experience, and knit their tech stacks together for maximum efficiency.

Learn more about how firms can gain competitive advantage through intelligent automation and integration by checking out our resources below. You can also book a personal consultation by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

1How Big Data Has Changed Finance (

Workato W*rk Automation Index Report

Did you know that 30% of organizations automated five or more departments in the past two years? Gain insight into the latest automation trends with the Workato W*rk Automation Index Report, a comprehensive look at how automation helps firms develop better business intelligence, optimize customer touchpoints and establish data-driven processes.

Work Automation Guide
Maturity Guide

Integration Maturity Guide

Download our Integration Maturity Guide to discover how integration eliminates inefficiencies and why our proprietary Integration Maturity Model can optimize your data, connect your tech stack and grow your business.

Automation is incredibly important to modern workplaces, but its benefits are limited unless accompanied by greater integration between disparate technologies. Curious to know your business’s current integration status?

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