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What is it?

It’s peace of mind. It allows you to know if your Oracle Identity Management (OIM) environment is being used as it should be or if there are hidden issues occurring that could potentially cause a security breach or PR nightmare.

Who is it for?

Any organization that:

  • currently has an OIM system.
  • has an OIM system that may be out of date.
  • has a recently installed OIM system and wants to be proactive with any potential shortcomings.

Why do we need it?

Security and access breaches are in the news every week. Businesses need to make sure they’re preventing all potential security breaches at every level. Do you know how well your current OIM system is protecting you from these threats? Even the smallest gap in your system could cost your business millions. This health check can provide you with expert guidance on the health of your governance strategy through your entire enterprise.

What do we get?

With our health check team, you’ll get over 30 years of OIM experience condensed into one week of focused analysis and our proprietary tooling. Our team will provide you with documentation of issues and potential risks in your OIM system.

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The health check will identify issues and security risks such as:

  • Failed account create and disable tasks
  • Orphaned accounts
  • Rogue accounts
  • Failed updates to OIM identities
  • “Stuck” users
  • Audit configuration
  • Scheduled job status
  • Failed requests
  • Failed / unsuccessful reconciliation events
  • Failed OIM workflow items
  • Important log messages
  • Access policy issues

What’s next?

Based on any issues uncovered in your environment, we can work together to develop and implement a plan to resolve these issues and determine how to use OIM to its fullest potential.

Questions? Contact us.

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