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Zirous is a data consulting company: from machine learning to cloud to application integration, data is at the core of everything we do. And it’s at the core of everything you do, too. If you’re not ready to tackle all of it on your own, we can help.

Our machine learning process is designed to educate and empower you and your team to solve the business problems that affect you every day. Whether you’re still in need of some introductions to machine learning, you’re strategizing data storage and flow, or you’re all-in and ready for advanced analytics and deep learning, our process is right for you.

machine learning consulting process

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machine learning consulting - start with education

1: Start with a free educational session. 

We know that not everyone is ready to dive head-first into a new machine learning project. If you’re looking for a strategic partner to lead you on the journey to utilizing your data most effectively, let us introduce ourselves, our methodology, and the impact machine learning can have on your business through collaborative education and brainstorming.

machine learning consulting process - define business cases

2: Define your business case.

Your business, and your data, is unique. With a properly defined problem, advanced analytics and machine learning can use your unique data to identify the solution like no other. We help you ideate through business problems to prioritize them based on level of effort and, more importantly, level of impact once achieved.

machine learning consulting process - define and collect the data

3: Collect and define the data.

Once we’ve determined the business case we’ll tackle together, it’s time to dive into the data. Leveraging your business domain knowledge and understanding of your internal systems, our data scientists and machine learning engineers work with you to join, clean, and engineer features that can turn the least promising of datasets into a treasure trove of insights.

machine learning consulting process - create a model

4: Create your model.

Now it’s time for the fun part!  Did you know 80-90% of machine learning tasks are during the pre-processing phase?  By the time we’re ready to evaluate, train, and tune a model you may already have a handful of impactful insights. The resulting model will let you continue to gain interpretable and accurate insights on an ongoing basis.

machine learning consulting process - deploy the model

5: Deploy and integrate into everyday processes.

Having a model is exciting, but it’s not very useful if it isn’t evaluating incoming data at the time of decision. Our process (unlike some of the other guys) entails helping you implement the model into your everyday processes so you can efficiently achieve results. To date, less than half of data science projects have been fully deployed and many in the industry consider this step to be the most difficult. Find a partner with a wealth of knowledge across varied systems and architectures, cloud, ETL, streaming, and more to ensure you actually reach the finish line.

machine learning consulting process - understand business and data

6: Iterate and improve your business and data understanding.

Just as your business should be agile, your model needs to be evaluated and adjusted over time. Establishing a data platform and data pipeline allows for predictions of your model to be compared to actual results, retraining and redeployment to occur on a regular basis, and for the interest and accessibility to advanced analytics to spread throughout your entire organization.

We take our jobs as machine learning consultants seriously, but we have a lot of fun, too! Our machine learning and artificial intelligence experts enjoy learning more about data analytics every chance they get, which means no matter your data analytics or machine learning problem, we have the solution, start to finish.

If you’re ready for more than an introductory session, and want to jump right in with a PoC or project, get in touch with us today, and let’s get started!

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