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What is it?

It’s a starting point for improving your identity governance processes. We conduct an assessment that analyzes your current practices and identifies areas for improvement to align with the industry’s best practices.

Who is it for?

Any organization that:

  • Wants to conduct their business with identity governance best practices in mind
  • Wants to leverage their current identity tool to its fullest capacity
  • Wants to provide recommendations to decision makers for rolling out new identity functionality

Why do we need it?

Now more than ever, controlling who gets access to what information is necessary to prevent security breaches, access misuse, and compliance lawsuits. A solid identity governance platform ensures you are best managing your security risk. This assessment specifically highlights areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. Improving these areas will reduce risk from unauthorized access, support regulatory requirements, and improve the timeliness and efficiency of adding and removing access.

What do we get?

An identity expert meets with your team for a half a day to analyze your current Identity practices and processes. After the assessment, we will then score how well they align with identity governance best practices. The score will show you where your identity practice is strongest and where your biggest risk areas are. We will also provide recommendations for how to improve your lowest scoring areas.

Areas of review include:

  • User lifecycle
  • Approvals
  • Certifications
  • Password management
  • Audit support
  • Reporting
  • System performance

What’s next?

Identity governance can be daunting, but we can streamline your efforts with our proven processes. With this assessment, you can pick out the most important areas to improve upon and start there.  We are here to help you start outlining a road map and working on a plan to get you to your ideal identity governance place.

Sign Up for Your Assessment

We’ll get in touch within a couple business days to coordinate schedules.

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