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FREE Educational Workshop


Donuts for your team, data strategy for all.
You bring the team, we’ll bring the donuts.

Learn to leverage the strengths of data lakes and data warehouses.

In our free educational workshop you’ll learn:

Donut Image

  • When and how to make a cohesive data environment incorporating data lakes, relational data stores, and modern ETL technologies 
  • How to effectively organize a data lake
  • Data orchestration best practices with modern ELT/ETL technologies
  • The benefits for reporting and support of advanced analytics 

We know making any changes to your data environments is not an easy decision. That’s why Donuts, Data Lakes and Data Warehouses focuses on equipping you with knowledge to navigate the decisions you’ll be faced with.

You pick a day and data experts from our team will come to you with donuts to educate your team on all things data lakes and data warehouses.

Let’s find the holes in your strategy.

In this free educational workshop you’ll get:


a hands-on educational workshop with our data experts

puzzle pieces fit together

a clear understanding of how data lakes and data warehouses fit together


a roadmap discussion and best practices with these technologies


 the benefits of advanced analytics

Ready to satisfy your hunger for knowledge? 

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